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The science of law and regulations of the social sciences to the organization of relations between states and to each other and the States and their nationals and residents on its territory and among members of society, and by virtue of our study and our work in the legal profession and legal advice, we find that it is necessary to brief the members of the community on laws and regulations that affect their daily lives and they have familiar with all applicable regulations before proceeding with any action that may involve them or their rights and duties which have an impact in making the right decision and avoid the mistakes as possible. To this end, we believe that the hiring of a lawyer to get legal advice is necessary to reach the optimal solution to the decision and act at the right time. Accordingly, we, through the Law Forum put our experience and our services in this area between your hands. That the Law Forum is the place for you Dear browser to get all you need to know about the law as well as the directory services of lawyers, through which you can search for a lawyer’s right for you whenever there reasons why you need to consult a lawyer or use it to solve any problem encountered.

The idea of ??creating this website in 2000 AD by the legal adviser Mohammad Achammsan. And updated after the accession of brotherhood legal advisor, Nayef Jebali and Mr. Turki, and Waleed Al Ghurair They are promising young talent in the field of law. The objectives that invited us all to move forward in the development of the site and increase its services as well as our desire that this site will be a platform for lawyers and the Arab Advisors allows them to express their views about issues and topics that affect the Arab street in the area of ??law and regulations and to exchange views among themselves and through Law Forum and enable them also to make visible about the legal issues of interest to participate in the writing of articles and comment on some of the laws and subjects of a legal nature.

Finally, we call to colleagues in the legal profession and legal advice in the Arab world to benefit from the services of the site to add their data in a directory of lawyers and obtaining the special pages, which is the first of its kind in the Arabic sites specialized in the field of law, and enrich the Arab arena with their articles or the views of and the issues they wish to put forward through the site. We hope you all have fun and useful to browse the site and its contents and that the possession to your satisfaction.

You have our sincere greetings and appreciation of,,,

Founder of Community law and the General Supervisor

Mohammed Achammsan

Nayef Jabali Turkish and Mr. Walid Al Ghurair

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