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El Salvador president signs electoral reform cutting seats in Legislative Assembly – JURIST

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Wednesday signed a controversial electoral reform into law that will slash the number of seats in the country’s Legislative Assembly from 84 to 60. President Bukele and his party Nuevas Ideas argue that the measure will cut costs and promote greater efficiency. However, El Salvador’s opposition says that the reforms will make it more difficult for smaller parties to win seats.

The bill was passed in a Legislative Assembly vote. The reforms also include a consolidation of the country’s municipalities from 262 into 144 districts. Nuevas Ideas argues that a smaller legislative body will hasten decision-making processes and optimize resources, ultimately benefiting the Salvadoran people.

However, critics have voiced their concerns that reducing the number of seats could potentially limit representation for small parties and minority groups while diminishing checks and balances within the government. Civil society organizations and human rights advocates have also expressed apprehension, calling for transparency and inclusivity in the decision-making process. They emphasize the need for thorough public consultations to ensure that any changes to the electoral system reflect the will of the Salvadoran people.

El Salvador is slated to have elections in February and March 2024. The country’s supreme court ruled in 2021 that Bukele can seek reelection despite claims that Article 152 of El Salvador’s constitution prohibits presidents from being immediately reelected.



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